Banners and signs which hang from the ceiling must be hung by the Century II Exhibition Services Department.  The Exhibitor will contact Century II for that service.

Estimate of cost:  (Century II will determine charges)

Note:  this was the 2017 charge we do not know what 2019 will be.

Sign – under 4′ x 10′ in size and weighing less than 70 lbs.    $60.00

Banners – under 20′ in size and weighing less that 140 lbs.    $108.00

Oversize – anything over 20′  in length and weighting more than 140 lbs.    $301.00

Pricing for signs or banners with multiple sides (e.g. 3 – sided , 4 – sided) will be calculated by multiplying the cost for a single banner and the number of sides to be hung.

Century II Exhibition Services Department    

225 West Douglas  Ave 

Wichita,  Ks.   67202

316-264-9121  (email)

The office is located in the round part of Century in the circular hallway going North East of Expo Hall.

Sign & Banner Request