Exhibit Containers, Crates and Boxes

Exhibitors can not store boxes and crates behind the curtains per the Fire Marshal.

We have rented another hall in Century II for the storage of pallets, boxes and crates. This is a free service provided by WITS.

But you have to have a label with your booth number on each piece of you send to storage. That is the only way we know who these crates belong to. You also have to remove the labels from other show or mark thru them. Take a picture of the items you are sent to storage.

When all the containers, boxes, crates and pallets have a label with your booth number and you took a picture of each then contact a fork lift driver or come to the west dock and tell a WITS Show volunteer and we will take you items to storage.

Thursday after the show closes (4:00 pm) we will start bringing the items store back to the Exhibitor’s booth all item should be back to the booths by 6:00 pm.