Banners and signs which hang from the ceiling must be hung by the Century II Exhibition Services Department. The WITS Show staff can not hang your sings and Banners from the ceiling or upper walls. The Exhibitor will contact and pay Century II for that service. $$$ The Exhibitor must submit the “Utilities Order Form” to Century II Exhibition Services Department 5 business days prior to the event to get the discounted rate for hanging the signs and banners from the ceiling and walls.

Century II Exhibition Services Department

225 West Douglas Ave

Wichita, Ks. 67202-3100

316-303-8602 (email)

Website for order form for Exhibitor Services.


Note: The Century II Exhibitor Services Department order form includes services which will be ordered and / or supplied by the WITS Show organization these include Electrical Service, Forklift, water service and compressed air and do not order them items on the Century II form when you are ordering to have the hanging of signs and banners from the ceiling.


Signs or banners hung from ceilings or building exterior shall be hung by the Exhibitor Services Department. Rates are determined using the following criteria:

  • SIGNS – under 4′ x 10′ in size weighing less than 70 lbs; $70.00
  • BANNERS – under 20′ in length weighing less than 140 lbs. $1120.00
  • OVERSIZE – anything over 20′ in length or weighing more than 140 lbs. $350.00

Pricing for signs or banners with multiple sides (e.g. 3-sided, 4-sided) will be calculated by multiplying the cost for a single banner and the number of sides to be hung.

If you are going to need a sign hung from the ceiling and you have not made arrangements with Century II before getting to the show, then when you get to show go to the Century II office at first opportunity and make arrangements and pay for this service.

The office is located in the round part of Century II in the circular hallway going North East of Expo Hall.