Electric 110 volt

Each booth will have access to ONE 110v receptacle within 30 ft of their booth. Each outlet in the receptacle is fused at 20 amps.

These outlets are either on the wall, on posts or in floor boxes. The multiple outlets are to be shared with other Exhibitors. The Exhibitor is responsible for bringing their own extension cords and power strips to accommodate their needs. The outlets in the floor can be at the front, middle or in the adjoining booth. It may be behind the booth in the service area.

If you have question about the location of your 110v electric for your booth It is suggested you fill out this form and send it to the WITS office. We will send you an email with a PDF of the electrical location and your booth.

110V Location Request 110v

Exhibitors are NOT allowed to make any electrical connection which are above 110v to Century II.


Contact the WITS office Bob Cropp or Don Lenhart 316-573-7690