Scammers are at it again, they may be asking for money, offering vouchers or perhaps even a service to set up your booth for a fee. DO NOT PAY FOR A WITS ATTENDEE LIST – when you pay for a booth you will also receive our attendee list at the close of each day.

This is how we do the WITS show:

  1. Booth sales – You will get name badges, a table, 2 chairs, drapes, a back curtain, and a company sign as well as contact information from the attendees daily. When you receive the passcode to retrieve the attendee data, please DO NOT SHARE that passcode.
  2. Carpeting, additional tables, chairs or other Expo items are rented from a company which is unaffiliated with WITS. You must pay that company for those additional items.
  3. If you have signs to hang from the ceiling, this must be done by the employees of Century II for a fee.
  4. Move In – The WITS team consists of a group of volunteers who will meet you at the dock with forklifts, pallet jacks, or hand carts to help you in the process of getting your display to your booth. Your labeled crates, pallets etc., will be stored at no cost.
  5. Electric – Please bring your own extension cord or power strip (for 110v). If you need electrical power higher than the standard house electric, this must be taken care of by a licensed electrician for his/her current fee. Please fill out the necessary form for electric power higher than 110v and return it to the WITS office before October 1.
  6. If you need air service or water and drain service, please fill out the necessary forms and return them to the WITS office before October 1.
  7. Coolant – please make arrangements for this, do not dispose of coolant down the drains of Century II. 
  8. At the close of the show, your labeled crates, pallets, cases, or boxes, will be picked up by that same team who will help you to get your display in queue for pick up for the carrier you have scheduled. Our services for move in and move out are FREE.  If anyone calls you asking for payment, just know that it is a scam.

Once you have chosen to be in the WITS show and supplied your information, if we need to call you, those calls will come from either our office or the floor manager, always from the 316-area code.

Eventually, your company name, address and phone number will be on our website, as well as the name of the contact person and a brief paragraph about your company.  That will give buyers and unfortunately scammers access to your contact information, so just be aware.

*** If you need a hotel room, please check our hotel and travel page for more info. The cutoff dates for you to receive the WITS Rate are in Mid-September, so you may want to make your reservations soon if you haven’t already done so.


The city of Wichita has redesigned the idea of parking downtown. The parking meters have been removed and now they have contactless parking for $5 a day, by credit card only! My husband went down to see how easy it is and said you need to sign in with Facebook or Google, so you will need your username and password.


Your booth number is your address for the WITS show, so everything that you send to or from Century II for the WITS Show must include your booth number.

WITS SHOW – Booth # __________


Don’t forget to register for your Exhibitor Badge. Please register as an EXHIBITOR, not an attendee. Register everyone on your team. Your name badges will be in your Exhibitor packet to be picked up at the WITS office on the 2nd floor of Century II.


I have WITS Show postcards for you. They can be seen on our homepage. They are blank on the reverse so you can write whatever you want, perhaps:

  • “Come see us at the WITS Show, booth #______” or
  • “Come to my seminar at 1:00 on Wednesday in Room ___” or
  • “Free Admission, Free Seminars, Free Training at the WITS Show” or
  • Use them for a raffle, or any other way you can dream of. Help us advertise the fact that you are in the WITS Show.

Send me an email or call WITS Office at (316) 942-2401 for your postcards. You can have as many as you want – they are free.

Your WITS Team

Please add us to your website and email. Feel FREE to copy and paste our logo.

See you in October!